Human enhancement refers to any attempt to temporarily or permanently overcome the current limitations of the human body through natural or artificial means. The term is sometimes applied to the use of technological means to select or alter human characteristics and capacities, whether or not the alteration results in characteristics and capacities that lie beyond the existing human range. Here, the test is whether the technology is used for non-therapeutic purposes. Some bioethicists restrict the term to the non-therapeutic application of specific technologies: neuro, cyber, gene, and nano-technologies — to human biology

Human Body 3.0

It's eminently reasonable that robots will be modular in design Utility fog, and that there parts can reassemble and reconfigure into different structures. Modular robots are nanobots that work together to form a coherent mass that acts as one body or multiple body’s that can merge or separate. The T-1000 was the first realistic fictional depiction of a Utility fog robot, but in the movie its capabilities were completely understated.

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